OSR is revolutionizing technical rescue, professional, and safety training by bringing customized training to the men and women in search and rescue, industry, and recreation that desire the training needed to perform these tasks in a safe and efficient way. Our training meets or exceeds the standard of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). By bringing the training to you, the programs can be molded to meet the unique needs of your organization, and the training can take place in your jurisdiction, on your waters and in your areas of response.  Training at your location also allows OSR to aid the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) in meeting the NFPA requirement of training all employees to local hazards.  However, the skills learned are transferable to all rescue situations, while allowing for training that is catered to the more specific needs of your locality.  

OSR follows the Alaska Rescue curriculum that was developed by Dick Rice through many years of experience in the Coast Guard and as a professional rescue technician in Alaska.  The curriculum is based on proven methods of self-rescue and methods and practices of analyzing and planning for rescue situations.  This methodology is transferable to all swift and still water environments and will prepare rescuers for the multitude of possibilities that will arise in the carrying out of professional and recreational activities.

In addition to all the advantages that come from on-site training for the trainees, we recognize the ever growing need for maximizing the budget of your organization.  Through our delivery of training brought to you, we hope to do our part to help extend those budgets dollars by reducing the cost of providing this necessary training.  Our model eliminates the travel costs and accommodation expenses, and we reduce the payroll costs of backfilling employees and overtime.

Providing confidence to the brave men and women who serve our communities





Provide confidence to the brave men and women who serve our communities

OSR is owned and operated by Seth Rohrer.  Seth is a founding member of his fire department's Technical Water and Boat Rescue Team and has over 15 years of experience in the fire and emergency medical services.  After spending many years both on and in the water recreationally, Seth felt it was time to apply his knowledge of the water and boating to providing water rescue through the fire service and by training other individuals and departments to do the same.  Seth received his training through Alaska Rescue from Dick Rice (the creator of the training program) and was certified as a rescuer, instructor, and an instructor trainer.  Seth’s drive to properly prepare rescuers for the dangerous environment they will be preparing to enter pushes him to provide the most up to date and thorough training for those candidates in his courses.


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