At OSR we value your time and know how precious it is to you. Allow us to be your guide through the process of becoming the confident rescuer you strive to be for your community, your department, and your family while minimizing the time spent away from all of them. 

Some organizations require as many as 3 courses over 10 days to get the same certification we offer in as little as 3 days. You have chosen a valiant profession, and you deserve to have the training and skills to respond in a safe and effective manner.

Heroes aren’t born, they’re trained! 

OSR is revolutionizing rescue and safety training by bringing the training to the men and women who serve their communities and organizations as rescuers that desire the confidence and skill to perform their duties safely and effectively. By bringing the training to you, the programs can be molded to meet the unique needs of your organization, and the training can take place in your jurisdiction, on your waters, and in your areas of response.  Training on site at your location also allows OSR to aid the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) in meeting the NFPA requirement of training all employees to local hazards.  However, the skills learned are transferable to all rescue situations, while allowing for training that is catered to the more specific needs of your locality. Our training meets the standards of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) that set the bar for professional rescue training.

In addition to all the advantages that come from on-site training for the trainees, we hope to do our part to help extend those budget dollars by reducing the cost to train the rescuers for your department.  We recognize the ever growing need for maximizing the budget of your organization, and we are passionate about getting confident rescuers trained to respond when the time comes. By reducing course durations to the minimum needed to provide comprehensive training and limiting the need for travel costs and accommodation expenses, we hope to significantly reduce the payroll costs for overtime and the expense of travel reimbursement in an effort to make it possible for more agencies to bring this life saving training to their members.

For those times when sending a member to outside training makes more sense for your department than hosting an in house training, we do offer a few open enrollment course at various locations throughout the year that are posted as they are scheduled. Check back regularly for addition of new course offerings.


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